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of DNRC's proposed

Limestone West

logging project


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Save Our Gallatin Front!

between Mt. Ellis and Triple Tree Trail

                 What YOU Can Do:

    Attend SOFG Community Meeting

   Mon. Feb. 11th 7pm Triple Tree Homeowner's Center

             corner of Sourdough & Triple Tree Rd.

             Attend SOGF Court Hearing

       Tues, Feb. 19th 9am Gallatin County Courthouse

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Save Our Gallatin Front!

State land in Our Gallatin Front (between Mt. Ellis and the popular Triple Tree Trail) is slated for almost 7 miles of new roads and clearcut logging. This area contains the precious Limestone Creek, which anchors an invaluable refuge for native wildlife. This land is wild, contains an old-growth forest, and has never been fragmented by roads or trails. Moose, elk, deer, mountain lions, pine martens, fox, weasels abound there. Wolverine and wolves are known to be present. Seventy-two species of birds, 10 of which are Species of Concern, are known to breed in this untouched wild forest. This unique area is a sanctuary, providing roadless security and a migration corridor for wildlife. Gallatin Valley citizens have organized as "Save Our Gallatin Front" and are working hard to prevent industrial logging from destroying the characteristics that make this area a haven for wildlife and people. Please join us!

Photos & Maps of Our Gallatin Front/Limestone Creek & Forest at risk